Creative Rooster
Stationery Suite
Working with my client on the branding of her interior design business meant that we needed to incorporate elements that were eclectic, interesting, and textured. During one of our meetings, I noticed that she had an artifact in her office that was made of metal, with circles punched out. That grid of circular shapes became the inspiration for framing a modular identity system that we could periodically swap out to reflect the spirit of the client’s process and work. I wanted to mix and match imagery in the same way she layers elements to create rooms that inspire her clients' homes.

In the process, we wanted to have some fun with the branding and decided to create an assortment of stickers that she could incorporate into her stationery suite. Ultimately I wanted the brand to convey a sense of sophistication and fun through the mix of colors, textures and carefully curated artifacts.
Client Timesheet Voucher
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