Marin Magazine, May 2023

When the Iranian Revolution began, I wanted to leverage my skills to help tell the stories of the brave young women and men of Iran. I started with a single image (1st one below) and posted the following caption on my Instagram feed and stories. That first post inspired me to create more. Below is a sampling of some of the digital illustrations I created.

From those of us that left Iran the last time there was a revolution, know that we think of you every day. We talk about you in our homes, with our families, with our friends and on social media. We make private promises within our hearts and minds hoping for your freedom and safety. Our hearts are heavy for the suffering you endure and bare witness to. And yet your bravery and fortitude are monumental. We are so proud of all that you are sacrificing for the freedom that should have been your birthright. Much love, from the West. 
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