MMDR 2014 Shirts
Marin Memorial Day Races
Every year, the Tamalpa running club hosts a series of races that bring together both the community and a stellar lineup of athletes. I've been designing the shirts for the event for a handful of years now and took a slight detour in terms of my approach. Usually the Race Director requests that an egret be included in the artwork but I happened to know that he's a bird geek of sorts and loves kingfishers. I decided to surprise him with a new mascot for the event and below, you can get a sense of the process leading up to the finished piece.
Original Sketch of an abstracted kingfisher for the shirt.

Further simplification of the bird, condensing it's protportions and integration of bannering and lettering.

While I originally wanted the interior of the bird to have a scuffed texture, the effect didn't translate well when we went on press, so I opted for a solid fill for the finished piece.

The fantastic people over at Marshall Arts did the silkscreening and cranked out about 1500 of these shirts for the event. Phil and his staff are always such a pleasure to work with. They even accommodated matching the orangish red to the case of a pencil set that I had in the office.
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