Presidio Graduate School 
Marketing Materials

Series of layouts for the premier issue of the Presidian digital magazine that will appear 3 times a year. The concept for the first two covers was to have a bit of an "apple," high tech feel while integrating inspiring words from the President's convocation speech that kicks off the new school year. The shape of the arrow was meant to signify the "house," of Presidio, as well as the trajectory of the mission of the school and the efforts put forth by the student body to create change through roots of sustainability.

An alternative direction for the covers was to incorporate a major statistic that stood out in relationship to some facet of sustainability for each issue. The topic of sustainable food and agriculture is a popular area of interest within the Presidio community. I stylized the masthead for this rendition to feel somewhat retro combined with a Superman-ish flair to it since so many of the students are stewards of the environment and want to achieve heroic feats through sustainability.

Art direction and layout for the 2012 Spring Newsletter

Cleantech Postcard Front & Back
Print Ad Promoting the School's Various Programs
Information Cards Front & Back
Logo for the Propel Presidio fundraising campaign. The marks below the line were alternative iterations
within the exploration phase of developing the mark.

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