Presidio Graduate School Ads
Full Page and Sidebar Ads
During the summer of 2012, the Presidio Graduate School started a new campaign targeting Generation Y audiences with an “Old School / New School,” campaign. The ads brought awareness to the brand and the school’s objective of bridging the gap between commerce and the common good.

As an extension of the organization’s existing branding, we used iconography to paint a picture of the linear, static and negative associations attributed to traditional business, yielding unsustainable outcomes. In contrast, the right side of the ad reflects the shift to alternative approaches that integrate the use of innovative technologies and approaches representative of the “New School,” way of thinking. A mindset that aligned with Presidio’s MBA and MPA programs.
Using a similar format to the previous ads but for a different application, this one is intended for audiences at the SRI conference (The Conference on Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing.) The ad focuses on the word "Intention," to convey how investment dollars directly impact the growth of our communities and the potential of creating change within urban areas of development. In the last square I reversed out the image of the farm against the backdrop of the cityscape to show how interconnected our agrarian and urban spaces are to one another.

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